SmoothFinish 5-in-1 Portable Handheld Steam Iron

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Don’t Struggle With The Old Iron Or Be At The Mercy Of Your Dhobi - Get Steam Pressed Clothes In Less Than 2 Mins With Handy Portable Steamer!

Neat and well-ironed clothing is a must. Whether you're a professional, businessman, or student; being neat & tidy is the modern standard you don't want to break.

Looking neat is a sign of respect for the people you are meeting and yourself.  Wearing clothing which is not well kept can say a lot of bad things about you to on lookers and set impressions you don't want.

handheld iron

  • 3D Steaming - Do it vertically, horizontally or very go round & round, unlike regular irons that don't let you press over embroidery of difficult corners, you can use SmoothFinish in all directions!
  • EASY TO USE - Simply hang your clothes in the hanger, or lay them flat on your ironing board or table. Add water using the provided measuring cup. You can adjust the temperature to your desired level. Press the steamer button, and iron your clothes.

  • Mobile & Handy - It’s light, portable and easy to use - just another reason why it could be an awesome travel companion.

    - Heat Sync Technology

    The Handy Portable Steamer heats quickly. Thanks to the Electronic Pump System, the steam is super dry, continuous and powerful, for fast quality steaming that can even remove complex wrinkles.

    - Easy To Use

    Built with soft touch materials and a grippy outer surface, SmoothFinish is the only steamer that can be used in all directions. As easy as playing Fruit Ninja on your phone!

    - Tested For Safety

    Every SmoothFinish is tested for safety, quality and reliability.


    1. Pour some water.
    2. Adjust the dial to the appropriate setting.
    3. Plug the iron.
    4. Push the steam button.


    • Weight: 500g
    • Color: may depend on availability.
    • Size: 35 x 8 x 10 cm

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